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Best Pediatrics Hospital in Varanasi

One of the best private hospitals in Varanasi is undoubtedly Baldeo Hospital which is very cost effective and accessible to people belonging from all classes. One of the specializations of Baldeo Hospital is Child Specialization or Pediatric Department. The Pediatric department of Baldeo Hospital is led by Mrs. Kanchan Shukla, a female doctor which enables children to have a feeling of motherliness and warmth. She is a pioneer in her field. She strongly believes that less is more and that the most important aspect of treatment of children is understanding the root cause of the problem. Children need more care than patients of all other ages as they are not fully grown humans and are still in their development phase.

She examines children perfectly and uses her experience to analyze them thoroughly. She explains the details to the parents and tries her best to resolve all their queries. Her treatment is totally transparent as she understands the care a child needs.

Baldeo Hospital is well equipped with all the modern technologies and equipment. We ensure friendly and hassle-free service to all our patients.

Baldeo hospital also runs free medical camps for children to ensure that children from all classes have the access to healthcare and wellness as this is our vision. We provide checkups which are completely free of cost to ensure healthy living of your children.

Areas of Specialty:

Pediatric Health Checkup, Diarrhea, Newborn Care, Infant and Child Nutrition, Lead Poisoning, Weight Gain, Eating and Tic Disorders, Autism, Immunizations, Newborns, Child Development and Development and Developmental Progress, Lymphedema and Learning Disorders.

Baldeo Hospital is the b4est hospital for child care and pediatric treatment in Varanasi. It aims to be accessible to every child and parent and promises the best treatment and services.

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