You are currently viewing Baldeo Hospital Facilities and Departments Baragaon Varanasi

Baldeo Hospital Facilities and Departments Baragaon Varanasi

Baldeo Hospital Facilities and Departments Baragaon Varanasi

Eye Health Care Department(Baragaon Varanasi)

Baldeo Hospital Eye Department

The best hospital for EyeSight cure and facilities in Varanasi is nowhere! We know your eye with highly knowledgeable and experienced eye specialists in our hospital. We offer eye care that is passion-driven and comprehensive to every patient of ours. Our ophthalmologists ensure that every patient that we deal with gets the best and the highest quality treatment at very affordable rates. We understand the value of our money hence we believe in the right treatment at the right rates. We have the best benefits and infrastructure in the city and we are looking forward to becoming a household name in every family of the city. The top-notch facilities and the record of outstanding performance are what we take pride in.

Gynecology (women Related Health Care Department Baragaon Varanasi)

Gynecology (Women related problem)

The Gynaecology Department has the solution for every Women related problem. Every day we come across many issues due to changing lifestyles and we have a solution for everything. Our doctors have the experience and the expertise along with the professionalism of years to talk with comfort and provide you with the right treatment at very low rates. Technology and infrastructure is our strength. We believe in making Varanasi know our potential and find a cure for every problem in the city itself.

Orthopedic (Cancer Department Baragaon Varanasi)

The orthopedic department of Baldeo Hospital provides comprehensive and professional orthopedic services. This department offers specialized care and concern to issues related to complex trauma, polytrauma, and related issues. The department in our hospital uses the latest research and technology and provides personalized care to our patients. The department provides care for disorders of bones, joints,s, and other musculoskeletal disorders. Our doctors focus on caring for your bones, joints, ligaments, nerves, and tendons. These parts of the bodywork together as the musculoskeletal system of the body. Our doctors help the patients in treating their injuries by diagnosing them and then managing their condition at very affordable rates as we know the value of your money. Baldeo Hospital now aims at becoming the best and the most affordable hospital in Varanasi and rural areas around it and making it a household name. We aim at providing you with a comfortable life ahead.

General Medicine at Baldeo Hospital Baragaon varanasi

The department of General Medicine at Baldeo Hospital deals in the prevention, diagnosis, and nonsurgical treatment of diseases which doesn’t require any operations at any point. This serves as the first point of contact when any patient visits our hospital. Our experienced general physician with his professionalism conducts the physical examination of the patient and recommends the necessary tests and other procedures. The general physician then gives the related required medicines depending on the diagnosis or further refers him to other departments if necessary. Baldeo Hospital is favored with its large infrastructure and technology along with experience and passion. We provided treatments at very affordable rates and aim at becoming the no. 1 Hospital in Varanasi and rural areas around it.

Surgery Department of Baldeo Hospital Baragaon Varanasi

The General Surgery Department of Baldeo Hospital

The General Surgery Department of Baldeo Hospital serves the performance of quality surgeries at very affordable costs in Varanasi and rural areas around it. With the huge number of surgeries every day and the growing demand for it we have also improved our infrastructure to its best and also take pride in the technology we possess. The surgeons and related doctors we have are highly experienced and professional and work as a team to treat you for the better. The department has a minimally invasive surgery division and performs the most advanced Surgery in the smoothest way possible. We use techniques that are safe to perform and precise procedures are used for quick recovery and less blood loss.

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