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Baldeo Hospital Varanasi (Baragaon Pindra)

Baldeo Hospital Varanasi is known for tradition and correct treatment for many years. It is a multispeciality hospital that deals in every particular type of cure. Below are a few reasons why Baldeo Hospital should be your go-to choice in Varanasi and Purvanchal area :

  1. Cleanliness
    The cleanliness of our Baldeo hospital has been our top most priority to assure maximum comfort and trust between our patients and us. The infrastructure speaks of its services but cleanliness is what makes the difference.
  2. Safety
    Baldeo Hospital doctors have years of experience which provides you with the safety of 100% convenience while carrying out critical treatments. Our history with patients can be heard with our reviews and the best treatment is what we believe in. During these uncertain times of Covid, our hospital takes special attention for safety and all our staff is well trained accordingly, from gloves and masks to sanitisation.
  3. Infrastructure
    The multi speciality of the hospital is commendable as we provide treatment in various fields of surgery. OPHTHALMOLOGY, GENERAL SURGERY, GYNAECOLOGY, ORTHOPAEDIC, GENERl SURGERY and ONCOLOGY is what we Deal in. All these treatments are provided under the same roof. There is high tech Equipment in all these departments to ensure complete faith in us for accuracy.
  4. Doctors
    The specialisation, qualification and experience of our doctors are commendable. All the details of our specialists are listed on our websites. They are the best found doctors in Varanasi and Purvanchal area. Our doctors believe in smooth and hasslefree treatments which do not take a long term of time and resolves the disease or problem as soon as possible.
  5. Low priced
    When we talk about the medicine field, expense is the main focus we talk about. Baldeo hospital makes sure that the treatment is the best and does not become a burden on your pocket. Best treatment at low prices is what we aim for. Medicines we suggest are also at comparatively lower prices than others.
  6. Above are the reasons why Baldeo Hospital is the one and only hospital you should look forward to.

The foundation of Baldeo Hospital was laid at Pindara in Badagaon 100 years ago. It is a mark of traditional knowledge and science. It was established with the blessings of Sahdeo Acharya Pandit Baldeo Ji Vaidya, also known as Malviya of Grammanchal. It was all about his social concern to come up with the idea of this hospital. He wanted every family to get easy medical treatment at low charges, especially the families of rural areas and villages where there is a scarcity of resources.

It is a matter of pride with the development of the hospital, new infrastructure, highly technological machines, and equipment are being installed in the hospital. The hospital is now well equipped with every requirement for every field of treatment. OPHTHALMOLOGY, GENERAL SURGERY, GYNAECOLOGY, ORTHOPAEDIC, GENERl SURGERY, and ONCOLOGY are the various fields of our expertise.

Furthermore, with the new infrastructure, Baldeo Hospital has emerged with a new external build-up which includes facilities like a professional staff, professional nursing facilities, and pharmacy all at one place. This eases the lives of villagers and people of rural areas, not making them run to big cities for their treatment.

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