• M.B.B.S , M.D
  • Radiation Oncology 
  • Consultant Oncologist

Dr. Apurva Pathak is an M.B.B.S. Doctor who has pursued her M.D. in Radiation Oncology and is a Consultant Oncologist.
She is a Cancer specialist in the Baldeo Hospital. She deals in Cancer which has been started due to long time disease of scales in the mouth, mouth Cancer, Skin Cancer, Lung Cancer and many more. She also deals in Cancer specific to women body – cervical Cancer. She has also cured many patients of Kidney and Urinary Bladder cancer. Cancer is a disease which is very fearful in India but with right treatment we can cure it forever. Our specialists are trained and experienced and offer the best treatment suitable also not being heave on your pockets. Our technology is well equipped as well.